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Yarra Valley Truffle Dinner

Tuesday 13 August 2019

Join us for a Truffle Dinner in the Yarra Valley

At Rae’s Restaurant  at 6:30 pm

Indulge in the ultimate culinary luxury of a 4-course dinner experience with the heady aromas and prestigious value of truffles. The menu specially curated for the evening by Grant Flack, Executive Chef will showcase the use of Australian grown truffles. Diners will have a chance to see, smell and touch some wonderful truffles from Tasmania, Western Australia and the Yarra Valley.

Yarra Valley Wine

Yarra Valley Restaurant

This will be a wonderful evening for food and wine lovers and for those who want to experience and savour these ‘black diamonds’ of the earth. Balgownie Estate wine will be paired with each course by our Sommelier.

Each guest will take home a gift of Australian Black truffles to experiment with in the kitchen.

One lucky guest will have the chance to take home a stunning truffle by guessing the correct weight!

$110* per person without wine | $155* per person with matched wines

Bookings essential.

Book Online or Call on (03) 9730 0720

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  • Full pre-payment is required at the time of booking.
  • Booking Fee of 2.5% applies to all online bookings.


Special Guests

truffle hound Sara Hinchey

Truffle Hound

Sara Hinchey, The Truffle Hound is an expert on Australian-grown truffles. She has travelled the world in her quest to learn about the elusive truffle, is a renowned truffle teacher and passionate about sharing the joys of truffles. When she is not roaming the country hosting Masterclasses and truffle dinners, she has a career in the law-but she much prefers the delights of cooking and eating!

Truffle Queen Rachel Truscott

The Truffle Queen

Rachel Truscott lives and breathes truffles and has become one of Australia’s respected experts in this captivating culinary sector. With a deep love of these fine fungi, she is a leading exporter of Australian truffles and is passionate about showcasing their flavour and characteristics to the global truffle market.

$110* per person without wine | $155* per person with matched wines

Bookings essential.

Book Online or Call on (03) 9730 0720