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IPL Hair Removal

  • Yarra Valley Balgownie Estate Natskin

(IPL) Intense Pulsed Light Treatments

Introducing Blossomed IPL Hair Removal & Photo Skin Rejuvenation @ Natskin

IPL is a short procedure which diminishes and treats rosacea, acne scarring, spider veins, sun spots and pigmentation. It can refine pores and uneven skin tone, and is brilliant for dark hair removal.

Used in conjunction with Natskin’s treatments the results are amazing.
Blossomed Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments offer a wide spectrum of multiple wavelengths of light energy, and thus are able to target, heat destroy and stimulate a number of different skin structures at the same time.

Hair Removal

IPL hair removal is able to provide superior hair follicle destruction while at the same time treating skin pigmentation, stimulating collagen regeneration and minimizing unsightly blood vessels. Blossomed uses a state of the art medical grade machine which has a chilled hand piece that provides comfortable, safe results.
Hair Removal- except white hair
Remove spider veins, sun spots and pigmentation
Refine enlarged pores & uneven skin tone
Treat rosacea & acne scarring


IPL Testimonials

After years of having my legs waxed, I thought I had the answer but the last few years I was experiencing more hormonal facial hair growth and whilst I started waxing it just didn’t seem any sort of permanent solution. I had one experience with electrolysis but then started to explore IPL.
Firstly, Ruth’s professionalism gave me real confidence to start the process. You really do need to trust your IPL practitioner. Ruth was factual at all times, never pushy with the sales pitch and just listened to my concerns and told me truthfully what I could expect from IPL.
After my first session on my face, I decided to get my underarms and bikini line done. Then, I thought what the heck and started on my legs. It is an investment but if you think about lifetime cost of waxing then, it is an easy Return On Investment calculation.
I have always had a negative image about myself with regards to “excessive” body hair. Now, I don’t even think about it and I can just wear whatever I wish according to the lovely unpredictable Melbourne weather!
Thank you Ruth.
Christine Briggs

As a dark haired male, I started waxing my arms, legs, back and chest well over 10 years ago. Since then I have spent countless hours and dollars in maintaining a hair free look.
Recently I was introduced to the Blossomed IPL hair removal at Natskin and I have found the results truly amazing. I’m now on my fourth course of the treatment and I have found a dramatic reduction in hair re-growth and in some cases no re-growth.
Comparatively, I find the IPL treatments painless, quick and long lasting. The technicians are extremely professional and well trained and whilst the initial cost is higher, I am thrilled with the results.
Alan Galstians

I had an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience with laser hair removal in the past and skeptically decided to give BLOSSOMED at NATSKIN a go. I was bowled over by the fantastic results!! After 4 sessions I have achieved almost total permanent hair removal. I no longer have the 5 o clock shadow under my arms and the desperately unattractive facial hair and most of all I don’t have to plan a bikini wax to go to the beach. I am most thrilled about the quality of my skin; it has changed to a smooth silky soft youthful appearance. The treatments have been fast, wonderful, pain free and professional. Unlike many beauty spa’s and salons, the advanced equipment used rules out the need for applications such as messy gels, local anesthetics or ice-packs as there is no ‘sting’ or discomfort. The old adage “no pain no gain” no longer applies. I would highly recommend Blossomed, Natskin for all your laser hair removal needs.
Debra De Rooy

For the past 4 months I have had a combination of Natskin Intensive facials & Blossomed IPL treatment for sun damage on my face & décolletage.
The sun damage was noticeably reduced in both areas particularly the forehead, and my skin looked noticeable brighter as well.
I found the procedure & expected results were explained particularly well in the initial consultation. I am very pleased with the results & have booked to have further treatments.
I would not hesitate to recommend Natskin and Blossomed for this type of treatment based on my results!
Shelley Williams

Shelley has been having a combination of IPL Photo Rejuvenation and Natskin Institute facials for a period of four months, to address her pigmentation concerns. We both can’t believe the amazing results she has gained from the treatments. It has smoothed and refined her skin tone & texture – it feels so soft! I think it’s the perfect Anti-aging booster for anyone wanting improved skin tone and condition.
Kylie Wood

Having fair skin and very dark hair, any amount of hair growth on my body was very noticeable. Unfortunately like most women, having a busy life with work and family responsibilities means that often I think about my own needs at the last minute. I tried to be consistent with waxing, but sometimes it is hard to make a regular time to get to the salon. I hated thinking “I can’t wear that skirt today I haven’t had my legs waxed recently” or “I can’t go swimming because I haven’t had my bikini done”! I really wanted a permanent solution. I had tried electrolysis many years ago for a small area on my face, but it was quite a painful treatment to get done and I couldn’t imagine getting electrolysis done on a large area of my body. I then decided to check out laser treatments. I had seen enough in the media to know to be careful bout selecting the right IPL treatment and practitioner. Blossomed at Natskin Nth Ringwood impressed me with the high-quality machine they used and Ruth inspired true confidence having come from a nursing background. I have been incredibly impressed with the results achieved. Even after just one treatment I noticed a large reduction in the amount of hair growth and it was nowhere near as painful as electrolysis. Now that I have had multiple treatments all growth is pretty much gone. I decided to get full leg, bikini, lip and underarm all done at once and am so pleased I made the decision. Now I can wear what I want without having to worry about whether I have waxed recently or not. Thank you Blossomed at Natskin, I love the results!
Emily Russo

We are so lucky to have such a professional day spa such as Natskin so close to us. Whether it is to have indulgent beauty treatments or to zip in for an IPL laser hair treatment, I can always be assured of friendly and experienced staff to look after all my needs. No need to travel down the line when we have it all here in the Yarra Valley
Leanne De Bortoli